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  • 26 Mar 2002
  • OECD
  • Pages: 160
This Handbook describes the types of values usually associated with biodiversity. While there are exceptions to the need to prioritise economic values over other values, economic valuation has a sound theoretical foundation that can help clarify the...
This unique Handbook draws on the experiences described in 22 case studies to develop a comprehensive step-by-step process for identifying and implementing appropriate incentive measures for biodiversity conservation, and the sustainable use of its...
This OECD Handbook shows how public policy in the form of market creation can be used to internalise the loss of biodiversity. It promotes the use of markets to ensure that our collective preferences for conservation and sustainable use are reflected...
  • 22 Aug 2008
  • OECD, European Union, Joint Research Centre - European Commission
  • Pages: 162
A guide for constructing and using composite indicators for policy makers, academics, the media and other interested parties. In particular, this handbook is concerned with indicators which compare and rank country performance.
This handbook is a tool to help government officials assess whether contracting out might be a possible way forward – either temporarily or over a longer period of time – for delivering a core service or a government function.
This handbook considers intellectual property products (IPPs) collectively by type and detailed transaction in order that estimates for national accounts valuations be comparable across countries.
Price indexes can be constructed using a “hedonic method” that adjusts for changes in the quality of a product. This handbook sets out best practice for constructing hedonic indexes.
  • 22 Apr 2013
  • OECD, Eurostat, International Labour Organization, International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Pages: 260
This Handbook provides, for the first time, comprehensive guidelines for the compilation of Residential Property Price Indexes and explains in depth the methods and best practices used to calculate an RPPI.
  • 27 May 2003
  • OECD
  • Pages: 64
This book reviews progress in the fight against hard core cartels. It quantifies the harm caused by cartels and identifies improved methods of investigation. It also examines progress in strengthening sanctions against businesses and individuals.
  • 19 May 1998
  • OECD
  • Pages: 84
Tax competition in the form of harmful tax practices can distort trade and investment patterns, erode national tax bases and shift part of the tax burden onto less mobile tax bases. The Report emphasises that governments must intensify their...
Finnish, French
This progress report is an update to the 2015 BEPS Action 5 report and contains the results of the review of all Inclusive Framework members' preferential tax regimes that have been identified.
BEPS Action 5 is one of the four BEPS minimum standards which all Inclusive Framework members have committed to implement. One part of the Action 5 minimum standard relates to preferential tax regimes where a peer review is undertaken to identify...
This report reflects the outcome of the second annual peer review of the implementation of the Action 5 minimum standard and covers 92 jurisdictions. It assesses implementation for the 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017 period.
This document sets out the objectives, organisational context, and plan for a Harmonised Integrated Classification System for Human Health and Environmental Hazards of Chemical Substances and Mixtures.
  • 14 Apr 2003
  • OECD
  • Pages: 128
This book presents a set of practical steps related to harmonising donor practices that should significantly improve the effectiveness of development assistance.
Following the first volume of good practices for effective aid delivery, this second volume focuses more specifically on good practice in providing budget support and support to sector-wide approaches.
This publication provides a conceptual framework for market creation in the biodiversity policy arena, as well as several examples of where the use of markets can assist policy makers in the search for more sustainable use and conservation of...
  • 24 May 2011
  • International Energy Agency
  • Pages: 200
Written for decision makers, Harnessing Variable Renewables: a Guide to the Balancing Challenge sheds light on managing power systems with large shares of variable renewables.
  • 02 Nov 2010
  • OECD
  • Pages: 212
This book explores trends in health care outcomes and spending; ways of assessing efficiency; new indicators of health care policies and institutions; and the characteristics and performance of health care systems.
Korean, French
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