Growth revived in 2012 to reach 4.5%, driven by the economy’s two main elements, port activity and foreign direct investment (FDI). The port was boosted by a higher volume of transit goods, but this was still below the level previous to the 2008...
In 2011 Djibouti was hit by three unfavourable factors that weighed on its economic growth. The country continued to record a slow-down in growth caused by the effects of the financial crisis on its two main economic drivers: port activities and ...
In 2010 Djibouti saw steady economic growth, at an estimated 4.4%, albeit slightly below the 2009 level of 5%. The less vigorous Performance of the economy in 2010 was due to a reduction in port Operations, upon which the country's economy is heavily...
In 2009, Djibouti’s economic growth slowed, but remained strong at 4.8%. The slowdown in growth was mainly due to the reduction in private investment, as a great deal of foreign direct investment (FDI) was postponed.
DJIBOUTI HAS THE ADVANTAGE OF exceptional geographic placement, located at the confluence of maritime routes to Asia, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. The bulk of its neighbouring countries’ foreign trade passes through its ...
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