The Bolivarian Schools Project is intended to respond to problems such as dropping out, educational exclusion, repetition, malnutrition, and loss of local, regional and national identity, and to the search for citizens interested in economic and...
The purpose of this paper is to set out a conceptual framework for policies to promote the diffusion of microelectronics in the context of developing countries. The author bases her discussion on the experience of Venezuela, a medium-sized Latin...
The country profile includes data on the income taxes paid by workers, their social security contributions, the family benefits they receive in the form of cash transfers as well as the social security contributions and payroll taxes paid by the...
The pension system has a basic component and an income-related, defined-benefit component. Those who are not eligible for a basic pension receive a social assistance benefit.
The Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela, adopted in 1999, upholds equal rights for men and women in all areas of daily life. It also prohibits all forms of discrimination. Article 88 recognises the economic and social value of domestic work.
Since our creation in 1957, almost 50 years ago, the Asociación Venezolana de Ejecutivos (AVE, Venezuelan Association of Executives (www.ave.org.ve) has strived to be the national reference for best corporate and managerial practices, based on ...
Sector of activity of natives and foreign workers in Argentina, Venezuela and Costa Rica (Percentage of native and foreign workers, circa 2000) appears in Latin American Economic Outlook 2010.
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