While the econometric literature on the impact of immigration on labour markets is well developed, there is a striking gap with regards to the impact of emigration on sending countries. Building on the established literature measuring the impact of...
The country profile includes data on the income taxes paid by workers, their social security contributions, the family benefits they receive in the form of cash transfers as well as the social security contributions and payroll taxes paid by the...
The pension system in Honduras consists of a pay-as-you go defined-benefit scheme and an old-age settlement for those who do not have the required number of contributions.
Honduras introduced SEA in the planning process of Municipal Development Plans. This exercise started with pilot experiments in 10 municipalities, and is expected to be introduced in other municipalities. Although the outcome of the pilot SEA ...
The Constitution of Honduras prohibits all forms of discrimination and federal legislation makes clear reference to equality for men and women. Patriarchal beliefs continue to influence the ideology of public institutions and political parties ...
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