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  • Achieving the New Curriculum for Wales

    This report analyses the progress made with the new curriculum since 2016, and offers suggestions on the actions Wales should take to ready the system for further development and implementation. The analysis looks at the four pillars of...

  • Dinâmicas do desenvolvimento em África 2019

    Quais são as principais tendências económicas e sociais em África? Qual o papel de África na globalização? Este relatório anual revela uma África aberta ao mundo e ao futuro. Dinâmicas do desenvolvimento em África usa as lições de cinco regiões...

  • Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions

    Public authorities from all levels of government increasingly turn to Citizens' Assemblies, Juries, Panels and other representative deliberative processes to tackle complex policy problems ranging from climate change to infrastructure investment...

OECD iLibrary News

Access to OECD iLibrary during the global coronavirus crisis

For the next few months, all content related to the global coronavirus crisis is fully accessible for all users.

For users at subscribing institutions who work remotely from home we would like to remind you that you should have full access via the following options:

  • IP authentication including access via proxy server – once logged in to your network, you can access subscribed content on this site.
  • Username and password – a single username/password can be shared across your user community for remote access
  • Shibboleth Federated Access – if your institution uses Shibboleth authentication log in via the special Shibboleth page

  • Should you have any questions on these options, please contact your librarian or contact us.

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