Coming Soon

  • OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2019 issue 1

    This issue will consist of 3 articles: 1) Budgeting in Uruguay 2) Financial Reporting in Ireland 3) The Role of Evidence Informed Policy Making in Delivering in Performance: Social Investment in New Zealand

  • Legal Needs Surveys and Access to Justice

    This report offers an empirical tool to help planners, statisticians, policy makers and advocates understand people's everyday legal problems and experience with the justice system. It sets out a framework for the conceptualisation, implementation...

  • Leeks

    This brochure comprises explanatory notes and illustrations to facilitate the uniform interpretation of the Leeks Standard. Cette brochure fournit des notes explicatives et des illustrations en vue de faciliter l’interprétation commune des normes en...

OECD iLibrary News

Improved Online Purchasing Experience

January 2019 - OECD iLibrary introduces a new online purchasing experience enabling visitors to purchase OECD publications on the site for immediate access including downloading all related content of the purchased publication such as the full publication, chapters, tables, translations; and in all available formats. We partnered with PayPal to offer a convenient shopping experience to a global audience. Simply browse the site and look for the orange Buy this book button to purchase a publication. More information...
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