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  • Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Latvia

    Latvia, a member of the European Union since 2004, is a small, dynamic and open economy that has successfully transitioned from central planning to a market economy. The reforms undertaken have driven progress, although from generally low levels and...

  • Quarterly National Accounts, Volume 2018 Issue 4

    The OECD’s Quarterly National Accounts contains a selection of the accounts most widely used by economic analysts: GDP by expenditure, GDP by industry, GDP by income, gross fixed capital formation by asset, gross fixed capital formation by...

  • Comptes nationaux trimestriels, Volume 2018 Numéro 4

    Les Comptes nationaux trimestriels de l’OCDE présentent une sélection des comptes les plus couramment utilisés en matière d’analyse économique : PIB par dépense, PIB par branche d’activité, PIB par revenu, formation brute de capital fixe par actif,...

OECD iLibrary News

Improved Online Purchasing Experience

January 2019 - OECD iLibrary introduces a new online purchasing experience enabling visitors to purchase OECD publications on the site for immediate access including downloading all related content of the purchased publication such as the full publication, chapters, tables, translations in all available formats. We partnered with PayPal to offer a convenient shopping experience to a global audience. Simply browse the site and look for the orange Buy this book button.
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