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The Mediterranean Middle East and North Africa 2018

The report looks at key SME and entrepreneurship policy reforms over the past years since the publication of the SME Policy Index for the MENA region in 2014. It notes the continued efforts by MED economies to develop SMEs and start-ups as means to...
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SME Policy Index: ASEAN 2018

The SME Policy Index is a benchmarking tool for emerging economies to monitor and evaluate progress in policies that support small and medium-sized enterprises.
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Assessing the Effectiveness of Environmental Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements

This report aims to test whether the inclusion of environmental provisions in Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) has contributed to the improvement of environmental quality among the Parties to these agreements through empirical modelling and analysis....
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Mapping the OECD Government Procurement Taxonomy with International Best Practices

The OECD developed a taxonomy of measures affecting government procurement which provides a classification system for different GP measures, policies and procedures, which can impact cross-border government procurement. This project aims to further...
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International Trade by Commodity Statistics, Volume 2018 Issue 4

This reliable source of yearly data covers a wide range of statistics on international trade of OECD countries and provides detailed data in value by commodity and by partner country. Each of the first five volumes of International Trade by Commodity...
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