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image of Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

With digitalisation, deepening globalisation and population ageing, the world of work is changing. The extent to which individuals, firms and economies can harness the benefits of these changes critically depends on the readiness of adult learning...
image of Settling In 2018

Settling In 2018

This joint publication by the OECD and the European Commission presents a comprehensive international comparison across all EU, OECD and G20 countries of the integration outcomes for immigrants and their children, through 25 indicators organised...
image of Reforming Retirement-Income Systems

Reforming Retirement-Income Systems

1. Reforming pensions looms large over the policy agenda of OECD countries. This is hardly surprising since public spending on pensions accounted on average for 7 per cent of OECD GDP in 2005; and this pension spending effort is set to increase...
image of Globalisation and Labour Markets

Globalisation and Labour Markets

Globalisation is having important effects on labour markets in OECD countries. The global supply of labour has increased enormously with the emergence of China and India. At the same time technological advances have contributed to heightened income...
image of How's Life? 2017

How's Life? 2017

How’s Life? charts the promises and pitfalls for people’s well-being in 35 OECD countries and 6 partner countries. It presents the latest evidence from 50 indicators, covering both current well-being outcomes and resources for future well-being, and...

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