The increasingly fragile political and security situation has not only worsened the economic outlook for 2013, it has also made it highly uncertain. Despite the peace deal signed in Libreville on 11 January 2013, resulting in a national unity...
Prospects for 2012 are good, with real gross domestic product (GDP) expected to grow by 4.2% because of improved security conditions, the end of electoral uncertainty, good harvests and resumption of delayed investment in mining. Inflation is ...
The economic recovery in the Central African Republic (CAR) was confirmed in 2010, with real gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimated at 3.4%. This positive growth came a year after the economy had suffered the full effects of the global...
After a gradual economic recovery in 2004 once political peace returned, the country experienced internal and external shocks that disrupted prospects for growth. Real gross domestic product (GDP) advanced by an estimated 2% in 2009.
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