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image of Measuring Population Mental Health

Measuring Population Mental Health

Good mental health is a vital part of people’s well-being, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought renewed attention to its importance. However, discussions so far have not focused sufficiently on how governments should best monitor it at the broader...
image of States of Fragility 2022

States of Fragility 2022

The report outlines the state of fragility in 2022, reviews current responses to it, and presents options to guide better policies for better lives in fragile contexts.
image of Weathering Economic Storms in Central Asia

Weathering Economic Storms in Central Asia

Russia’s war against Ukraine and the international sanctions introduced against the former have had an unexpectedly mild impact on Central Asia, despite the region’s deep economic dependence on its northern neighbour. Notwithstanding high inflation,...
image of Gender, Education and Skills

Gender, Education and Skills

The 2023 Gender, Education and Skills Report on the persistence of gender gaps in education and skills presents fresh insights on progress towards gender equality in education, from proficiency in reading, mathematics and science through to career...
image of Ready for the Next Crisis? Investing in Health System Resilience

Ready for the Next Crisis? Investing in Health System Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic had massive consequences for societies and health systems across the OECD and beyond. Health systems were not resilient enough. Resilient health systems plan and are ready for shocks, such as pandemics, economic crises or the...
image of International Migration Outlook 2022

International Migration Outlook 2022

The 2022 edition of International Migration Outlook analyses recent developments in migration movements and the labour market inclusion of immigrants in OECD countries. It also monitors recent policy changes in migration governance and integration in...
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