The socio-economic situation in 2012 was characterised by persistent poverty (55.2%) even though reforms aimed at reviving economic and social developments were implemented and the completion point of the HIPC initiative was reached at the end of...
After years of heavy-handed government and political instability, Alpha Condé was elected president in December 2010, but the social and political climate is still tense, with disagreement about further elections and financial and logistical ...
Guinea is a poor, fragile country, despite considerable unexploited economic potential. It has the world's largest reserves of bauxite (two-thirds of global reserves), as well as large deposits of iron ore, gold and diamonds. It also has the...
Guinea enjoys considerable, varied and unexploited economic potential, but is having difficulty making an economic breakthrough. Growth is structurally weak and slow, with inflationary episodes. It has also been hard hit by the oil crisis (2007/08 ...
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