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image of Examen multidimensionnel du Sénégal

Examen multidimensionnel du Sénégal

Le Sénégal cherche à atteindre le rang des pays émergents en 2035. L'examen multidimensionnel du Sénégal participe à la stratégie de développement du pays pour réaliser cet objectif. L’examen a débuté par une évaluation initiale (Volume 1) qui a...
image of Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay

Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay

Having achieved robust economic growth and remarkable macroeconomic stability over the past 15 years, Paraguay has set a course to become not only more prosperous, but also more inclusive by 2030. To deliver on its development ambition, the country...
image of How do science teachers teach science - and does it matter?

How do science teachers teach science - and does it matter?

Much ink has been spilled debating the merits of different science-teaching practices. Proponents of enquiry-based science teaching argue that this approach exposes students to the procedures used by professional scientists, while the proponents of...
image of The science of teaching science

The science of teaching science

This paper explores the relationship between various science teaching strategies and students’ science-related outcomes. The focus is on enquiry-based science teaching, teacher-directed instruction, adaptive teaching and teacher feedback. The...
image of Teachers' salaries

Teachers' salaries

Teachers' salaries are the gross salaries of teachers, recorded at different times in their career.

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