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OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Korea 2015

Skills are central to Korea’s future prosperity and the well-being of its people. The OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Korea identifies 12 skills challenges that need to be addressed to build a more effective skills system in Korea. These...
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Getting Skills Right: Spain

This report identifies effective strategies to tackle skills imbalances in Spain.
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Social and emotional skills for student success and well-being

In an increasingly fast-changing, complex and diverse world, social and emotional skills are becoming ever more important. In this paper we present an overview of literature on social and emotional skills, describing the nature and structure of these...
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Gender imbalances in the teaching profession

Historically across the OECD, the teaching profession has been largely dominated by women. The share of female teachers has been increasing over the past decade – reaching 68% in 2014 for all levels of education combined. The gender disparity...
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Higher Education in Kazakhstan 2017

Higher education policy is the key to lifelong learning and this is particularly important as the ageing population is increasing in many countries. It is a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven global economy...

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