Handbook of Incentive Measures for Biodiversity

Design and Implementation

Governments need to implement appropriate policies to ensure both the private and the public goods values of biological diversity are realised. Unless the users of biological resources are given incentives to sustainably use these resources, valuable biodiversity will continue to be lost. Because of the inherent complexity of biological systems, and the range of pressures that act on them, a "bundle" of carefully-designed and complementary incentive measures are often necessary to provide the appropriate signals to prevent biodiversity loss.

This unique Handbook draws on the experiences described in 22 case studies to develop a comprehensive step-by-step process for identifying and implementing appropriate incentive measures for biodiversity conservation, and the sustainable use of its components. It identifies the incentive measures that are most suitable for particular ecosystems, and for addressing the specific sectoral pressures in effect, describing both the advantages and the disadvantages of each incentive measure. A wide range of incentive measures are described, including both the more common economic and regulatory incentives, and also the necessary framework conditions, such as scientific and technical capacity building, education and awareness raising, and the involvement of local populations and other stakeholders.

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