Education Policy Analysis 2006

Focus on Higher Education

image of Education Policy Analysis 2006
Education Policy Analysis draws on international perspectives to provide analysis of key education policy challenges and initiatives. This 2005-6 edition provides a window on this rich international experience with chapters on the 2006 Meeting of Education Ministers, how to meet teachers’ aspirations and enhance motivation, using formative assessment to help all students succeed, gender differences and mathematics, and policy directions for the growing international market in higher education. 

English Also available in: French

Improving Learning through Formative Assessment

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

This chapter examines how formative assessment – frequent, interactive assessments of student understanding and progress to identify learning needs and shape teaching – can help countries realise both quality and equity in educational outcomes. Between 2002 and 2004, the OECD examined formative assessment policy and practice in exemplary classrooms in lower secondary schools in eight systems (Australia [Queensland], three Canadian provinces, Denmark, England, Finland, Italy, New Zealand and Scotland). Formative Assessment: Improving Learning in Secondary Classrooms (OECD, 2005) also included reviews of English-, French- and German-language literature on formative assessment.

English Also available in: French

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