Education Policy Analysis 2006

Focus on Higher Education

image of Education Policy Analysis 2006
Education Policy Analysis draws on international perspectives to provide analysis of key education policy challenges and initiatives. This 2005-6 edition provides a window on this rich international experience with chapters on the 2006 Meeting of Education Ministers, how to meet teachers’ aspirations and enhance motivation, using formative assessment to help all students succeed, gender differences and mathematics, and policy directions for the growing international market in higher education. 

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Gender Differences in Student Engagement with Mathematics

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Great advances have been made in gender equality in education. In all OECD countries, younger women today are far more likely to have an upper secondary or tertiary qualification than women a generation ago. University-level graduation rates for women now equal or exceed those for men in two-thirds of the OECD countries. However, women remain persistently under-represented in areas such as mathematics and science. This chapter suggests that action in this area needs to be targeted at youth and, indeed, children.

English Also available in: French

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