Education Policy Analysis 2006

Focus on Higher Education

image of Education Policy Analysis 2006
Education Policy Analysis draws on international perspectives to provide analysis of key education policy challenges and initiatives. This 2005-6 edition provides a window on this rich international experience with chapters on the 2006 Meeting of Education Ministers, how to meet teachers’ aspirations and enhance motivation, using formative assessment to help all students succeed, gender differences and mathematics, and policy directions for the growing international market in higher education. 

English Also available in: French

The Teaching Workforce: Meeting Aspirations and Enhancing Motivation

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Positive attitudes among teachers are a key priority for policy-makers given evidence that teaching performance is perhaps the main driver of student learning. Teacher motivation is also important for promoting school reform. This chapter investigates what matters to teachers and how best to motivate them. Research on work motivation is used to shed light on how both “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” motivation can promote work outcomes such as performance, satisfaction, and well-being. The analysis stresses that motivation underpins the success of both teachers’ work and the introduction of any renewal in schools. The central message is that teachers’ actions need to be self-motivated, resulting from their acceptance of and identification with the values and objectives of practices and regulations in schools.

English Also available in: French

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