OECD Reviews of Public Health: Chile

A Healthier Tomorrow

image of OECD Reviews of Public Health: Chile

This review assesses Chile's public health system, highlights areas of strength and weakness, and makes a number of recommendations for improvement. The review examines Chile's public health system architecture, and how well policies are responding to significant population health challenges including high rates of overweight and obesity, and relatively high smoking rates. In particular, the review assesses Chile's policies designed to tackle obesity and improve healthy diets. The review also examines Chile's cancer screening and prevention system and, finally, looks at how genetic and genomic medicine are being used to strengthen public health and preventive care in Chile.



Cancer screening and prevention in Chile

In Chile, cancer is the second leading cause of death and could become the first cause in the near future. In order to reduce the disease burden, Chile could do more to prevent many deaths due to cancer through cancer screening and prevention. This chapter describes the epidemiological burden of cancer in Chile, assesses the governance of Chilean cancer care system and public health policies in terms of prevention and early detection of cancer based on cross-national comparisons, and concludes with a number of policy recommendations which could help Chile strengthen cancer screening and prevention. Together with policies to promote healthy lifestyles, public health policies specific to cancer are key to reducing the burden of cancer in Chile.


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