Public Investment in Bulgaria

Planning and Delivering Infrastructure

image of Public Investment in Bulgaria

EU Funded Note

This report outlines the findings of a review of public investment processes in Bulgaria and provides recommendations for improving its effectiveness and efficiency. It focuses on infrastructure planning, investment and delivery at the national and municipal levels. The report identifies what Bulgaria should retain and improve upon to ensure that investments made at the European, State and municipal levels achieve value for money and contribute to people’s well-being and living standards.

English Also available in: Bulgarian

Project selection, prioritisation and appraisal processes

Robust processes for selecting public investments are essential for countries to demonstrate to citizens that public resources are being allocated to the highest priority needs. This is critical at a time when countries must invest in low-emission and resilient infrastructure at an unprecedented pace and scale, within tight fiscal constraints. This chapter outlines best practice approaches for identifying projects that deliver the greatest outcomes while being efficient and affordable, and describes the processes followed by ministries and municipalities in Bulgaria.

English Also available in: Bulgarian

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