Trends in International Migration 1997

Continuous Reporting System on Migration

This annual  publication describes the recent trends in international migration, the magnitude of flows, the different channels for immigration and the nationality of the immigrants concerned. It shows that the criteria for admission to host countries is becoming more selective and more oriented to labour market needs. The report also examines recent policy developments for the control of flows and the integration of immigrants. Special attention is given to the links between migration, free trade and regional economic integration.

Detailed country notes present the main migration characteristics of twenty-six OECD countries and Bulgaria, Romania, and the Slovak Republic. The latter country is included for the first time in the notes. Finally, immigration and social transfers is the topic of a special chapter focusing on analytical issues and results obtained in several OECD countries.

A statistical annex provides tables on foreign and immigrant populations, foreign workers, migration flows and naturalisations.

01 Jun 1997 272 pages English 9789264162297 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD