Trends in International Migration 1999

Continuous Reporting System on Migration

This report presents an analysis of recent trends in migration movements and policies in OECD countries as well as in certain non-member countries. It includes a detailed description of the flows, the different channels of immigration and the nationalities of the migrants concerned.  This report also provides details of the significant changes that many host countries (such as Australia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United-Kingdom and Poland) have made to their legislation in order to obtain greater control over migration flows. Finally, this report also presents an inventory of policies implemented to improve the integration of immigrants and to extend international co-operation. 

Beside this overall analysis, the reader will also find etailed notes presenting the main migration characteristics of each country; an analysis of the economic and political implications of irregular immigration illustrating the different situations of irregularity, the methods employed to measure its extent, its impact on the labour market and the sanctions imposed on employers; and a statistical annex containing the most recent available data on foreign and immigrant populations, foreign workers, migration flows and naturalisations.

20 Dec 1999 324 pages English Also available in: French, German 9789264180192 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD