Nanotechnology and Tyres

Greening Industry and Transport

image of Nanotechnology and Tyres

New nanomaterials offer promising avenues for future innovation, which can contribute towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of the tyre industry. Yet uncertainty over environmental health and safety (EHS) risks appears to be a main and continuous concern for the development of new nanomaterials in tyre production, even for those closest to market. Lack of sector-specific guidance represents a major gap.




Environmental impacts in the context of life-cycle assessment

Using a life-cycle assessment methodology, this chapter evaluates potential environmental impacts of three different vehicle tyre technologies: the reference tyres (using nanoscale carbon black and highly dispersible [HD] silica); and next generation tyres, namely HD-HS silica nano-enabled tyres and nanoclay (montmorillonite) nano-enabled tyres. It looks, in particular, at impacts on greenhouse gases emissions across the product lifecycle, impacts on natural resource consumption and flows across the lifecycle, and impacts of nanowaste from end-of-life tyres. The chapter also makes recommendations aimed at improving the life-cycle assessment framework for assessing the relative impacts of baseline and nano-enabled tyres.


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