Nanotechnology and Tyres

Greening Industry and Transport

image of Nanotechnology and Tyres

New nanomaterials offer promising avenues for future innovation, which can contribute towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of the tyre industry. Yet uncertainty over environmental health and safety (EHS) risks appears to be a main and continuous concern for the development of new nanomaterials in tyre production, even for those closest to market. Lack of sector-specific guidance represents a major gap.




Socio-economic impacts of the development of new nanomaterials in tyres production

This chapter provides an assessment of the socio-economic impacts that may result from the use of new nanomaterials in the tyre industry. The analysis focuses on two emerging nanomaterials – new generation “highly dispersible high surface area” (HD-HS) silica and nanoclays. A cost-benefit analysis is first used to compare impacts that are quantifiable in monetary terms considering three stakeholder groups: consumers (final consumers), producers (tyre manufacturers) and the society and the environment. An assessment and a discussion are then conducted about impacts that are relatively difficult to quantify and monetise, with a particular focus on societal impacts (public health and safety, impacts on developing countries, employment and road accidents) and on environmental impacts (resource consumption and use of energy). The chapter finally discusses this range of potential future impacts that could be expected from the uptake of nanotechnology in tyres.


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