Research and Development Statistics: R-D expenditure by sector of performance and type of R-D (Edition 2017)

The R&D expenditure by sector of performance and type of R&D table comprises statistics on current domestic R&D and gross domestic R&D expenditures by sector of performance (business enterprise, government, higher education, private non-profit, and total intramural) and by type of R&D within each sector (basic research, applied research, experimental development, non-specified, and total activity) as well as type of costs incurred (sub-totals current costs, total costs). Data are presented from 1981 onwards and are expressed in terms of units of expenditure such as million nationa currency, million dollars in constant prices as well as million dollars in current prices.


Keywords: experimental development, RD, sector of performance, R&D expenditure, basic research, applied research, private non-profit, higher education, R&D, business enterprise, statistics