OECD Integrity Review of Mexico

Taking a Stronger Stance Against Corruption

image of OECD Integrity Review of Mexico

The OECD's Integrity Review of Mexico is one of the first peer reviews to apply the new 2017 Recommendation of the Council on Public Integrity. It assesses (i) the coherence and comprehensiveness of the evolving public integrity system; (ii) the extent to which Mexico’s new reforms cultivate a culture of integrity across the public sector; and (iii) the effectiveness of increasingly stringent accountability mechanisms. In addition, the Review includes a sectoral focus on public procurement, one of the largest areas of government spending in the country and is considered a high-risk government activity for fraud and corruption. The Review provides several proposals for strengthening institutional arrangements and improving vertical and horizontal co-ordination, closing remaining gaps in various existing legal/policy frameworks, instilling integrity values and ensuring the sustainability of reforms.

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Foreword and Acknowledgements

By signing Mexico’s General Law of the National Anticorruption System (NACS) into force on 18 July 2016, President Peña Nieto cleared the way for one of the key pillars of his administration’s reform agenda and took a major step forward in the fight against corruption in Mexico. The law brought to fruition a constitutional amendment which embodied the NACS into the highest law of the land and signalled a decidedly tougher stance on a problem that has plagued the country for far too long.

English Also available in: Spanish

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