Digital Government Review of Türkiye

Towards a Digitally-Enabled Government

image of Digital Government Review of Türkiye

This Digital Government Review of Türkiye explores how the Government of Türkiye can use digital technology and data to help the public sector become more responsive, resilient and proactive. It evaluates the efforts made so far by Türkiye in achieving digital government maturity by looking at governance, institutional capacities, digital skills, public service design and delivery, enabling building blocks and the strategic management and use of data. The review provides policy recommendations intended to help the Government of Türkiye fully benefit from digital technologies and data to realise the potential of the digital age in transforming the public sector and the services provided to the public.


Policy levers to lead the digital transformation

In line with Pillar 3 of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies, Chapter 3 analyses necessary policy levers to bring Türkiye’s e-government closer to a matured digital government. The first section focuses on its digital government strategy and its relevance across the public sector. The second section deep dives into management tools, including business cases and agile project management, and financial mechanisms. The chapter finishes by reviewing legal and regulatory frameworks in place in Türkiye.


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