Resourcing Higher Education in the Flemish Community of Belgium

image of Resourcing Higher Education in the Flemish Community of Belgium

The report on Resourcing Higher Education in the Flemish Community of Belgium is the first in a series of publications produced by the OECD's Resourcing Higher Education Project. This project aims to develop a shared knowledge base for OECD member and partner countries on effective policies for higher education resourcing through system-specific and comparative policy analysis. The review of resourcing in the Flemish Community of Belgium has a strong focus on the funding of operating costs, teaching and research in Flemish higher education institutions. It also analyses financial support for students, system-level frameworks governing human resources policy in higher education and key trends in higher education that will impact future higher education resourcing policy. Alongside analysis and comparison of Flemish resourcing policy approaches, it provides recommendations to support future refinement of policies.


The operating grant for Flemish higher education institutions

This chapter examines the mechanisms in place in the Flemish Community to provide publicly supported higher education institutions with core funding to pay for teaching, basic operating costs and, in the case of universities, a foundational level of activity in research. The core public operating grant (werkingsmiddelen) is the single most important source of funding for Flemish higher education institutions, accounting for around 40% of total income in the university sector and 65% of total income in university colleges. This chapter provides an overview of the allocation model for the operating grant, reviews different design characteristics of the model in comparison to models in other OECD jurisdictions and in light of findings from the interviews and analysis conducted for this review and, finally, outlines policy issues and recommendations for the future of the model.



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