Guidance from PISA for the Canary Islands, Spain

image of Guidance from PISA for the Canary Islands, Spain

This book describes the Canary Islands, Spain school system and sheds light on PISA results for the Canary Islands. It includes analyses of the policy implications in the domains of system management and resource distribution, students and learning, teachers and teaching, and school leadership and inspections. The report also provides recommendations for raising quality and equity in learning outcomes.

English Also available in: Spanish

Students and Learning

This chapter reviews some of the factors which have an influence on unsatisfactory learning outcomes in the Canary Islands. It discusses student motivation, family support and the effectiveness of learning in regular and out-of-school lessons, and important issues such as grade repetition, curriculum, assessment, gender differences and early childhood education. The chapter concludes by listing the review team’s recommendations on students and learning.

English Also available in: Spanish

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