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Environmental Enforcement in the Kyrgyz Republic

Promoting Environmental Improvements and Enhancing Good Governance

The Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situations (MEES) of the Kyrgyz Republic approached the OECD/EAP Task Force Secretariat with the request to assess the national system of environmental compliance assurance in light of good international practice and identify priority actions for its reform. In response to this request, which was also voiced during the 2003 REPIN meeting, the Network members supported the Kyrgyz Republic’s initiative to be the first country to test the Peer Review Scheme.

A peer review involves a systematic examination and assessment of the performance of a state by other states, with the ultimate goal of helping the reviewed country adopt best practices and comply with established standards and principles. The peer review mechanism is free of any threat of non-compliance sanctions arising from the findings of the review: its impact relies on the influence and persuasion exercised by “peers” (equal partners in the review process). The review serves the following purposes:


• To provide international peer support for institutional reform of enforcement authorities;

• To enhance their transparency, accountability, and visibility, at national and international level;

• To extend opportunities for inter-government policy dialogue and support capacity building.


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