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2004 Overview of Donor and Agency Policies in Trade-related Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Summary of Responses to the OECD/DAC Survey on Trade-Related Technical Assistance and Capacity

The survey submissions indicate that bilateral donors and multilateral agencies have become much more active in TRTA/CB over the last few years, particularly since the 2001 WTO Doha Ministerial Conference. This increased activity is not only reflected in increased funding for TRTA/CB, but also in the number of donors/ agencies with explicit strategies and programming guidelines for TRTA/CB; enhanced awareness among donors of the importance of TRTA/CB for development and poverty reduction; and the strengthened, and sometimes institutionalised, dialogue between development and trade practitioners. In addition, several donors and agencies have recently embarked on ambitious reviews of their own bilateral TRTA/CB programmes and/or their participation in multilateral programmes, in order to assess the effectiveness of their TRTA/CB activities.


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