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Building a Framework for Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Lobbying

This document presents the revised Framework for Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Lobbying which is designed to support policy debate when lobbying reaches the political agenda. The Framework provides decision makers with policy options to meet public expectations for transparency, accountability and integrity in lobbying.

This document is divided into two parts:

•  Part I presents the draft Framework in five sections that list key aspects of designing and implementing standards and rules to enhance transparency and accountability in lobbying. The draft Framework contains principles as well as description of alternative policy options and examples that may help decision makers put the Framework into practice.

•  Part II provides a comparative overview of building blocks, models and examples of country solutions. It supported discussion on possible approaches and elements of the Framework in the Special Session on Lobbying: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability of the Expert Group on Conflict of Interest.


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