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Draft Checklist for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement

At the OECD Symposium and Global Forum on Integrity in Public Procurement in November 2006, participants called for an instrument for policy makers at the international level to reform public procurement systems and reinforce integrity and public trust in how public funds are managed. They also expressed interest in developing a practical toolkit that could be applied, adapted and developed indifferent legal, political and administrative contexts. To respond to these requests, the OECD has developed a draft "Checklist for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement". The Checklist will help guide policy makers at central government level in instilling a culture of integrity throughout the entire public procurement cycle:

•  The first part of the Checklist provides guidance on developing an adequate policy framework for enhancing integrity in public procurement;

•  The second part focuses on how to implement this framework, from needs assessment to contract management and payment. The Checklist is based on applying good governance elements, in particular transparency, good management, corruption resistance, accountability and control to enhance integrity in public procurement.


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