Multi-dimensional Review of El Salvador

Strategic Priorities for Robust, Inclusive and Sustainable Development

image of Multi-dimensional Review of El Salvador

El Salvador has made significant development progress in the past 30 years. The end of the civil war in 1992 marked the establishment of a liberal democracy and an open export-led development model, which led to a reduction in poverty and inequality. However, with economic growth averaging a modest 2.4% in the years before the COVID-19 pandemic, and productivity growth of 0.1% over the past decade, the post-war model has not generated the economic momentum or the jobs that the country needs. Decisive action is necessary to kickstart more robust, inclusive and sustainable development. Based on a multi-dimensional analysis of development in El Salvador, this report makes four priority recommendations: 1) build the conditions for a productive transformation and modernisation of the economy; 2) increase the quantity, quality and relevance of education; 3) manage water resources better to deliver water and sanitation for all in a sustainable manner; and 4) modernise the State so it can effectively deliver key public goods, from security to education to health, and successfully steer the next stage in the country’s development.

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Towards sound public governance in El Salvador

This chapter analyses public governance in El Salvador. The first section provides an overview of El Salvador’s Centre of Government (CoG) capacity to lead whole-of-government co-ordination and align sectoral policies with government priorities. The second section analyses the strategic planning instruments put in place and discusses the importance of developing detailed action plans that are bound by budget constraints and human and financial resources. Finally, the chapter provides an assessment of the reform efforts undertaken by El Salvador in key areas of state modernisation, namely workforce management, regulatory policy, digital transformation, and the use of open government principles to promote transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder participation. The recommendations seek to improve El Salvador public governance practices to provide better services to its citizens.

English Also available in: Spanish


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