All on Board

Making Inclusive Growth Happen

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All on Board: Making Inclusive Growth Happen puts forth a new approach to economic growth that goes beyond traditional monetary indicators and includes dimensions that reflect people's well-being. It introduces an analytical framework to assess economic growth based on a measurement of multidimensional living standards. The report also presents win-win policies that can deliver stronger growth and greater inclusiveness in areas such as: macroeconomic policies, labour market policies, education and skills, infrastructure and public services and development and urban policies. It underscores the need to assess and weigh trade-offs and complementarities between and among policies, and the crucial role of good governance in implementing an Inclusive Growth agenda.

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Mainstreaming inclusive growth into policy making

What can be done about rising inequalities? How can policy programmes be combined to promote more Inclusive Growth that enhances well-being and raises living standards for all citizens? This chapter explores structural policies geared towards both raising the long-term growth potential of economies and making that growth more inclusive. The recommendations laid out pay particular attention to instruments in the following areas: fiscal and monetary policies, labour markets, education, competition and regulation, innovation and entrepreneurship, finance, infrastructure and public services, urbanisation, and development. The chapter sets out to consider how particular policies can be combined to foster synergies, and deal with trade-offs, between growth and equity objectives.


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