All on Board

Making Inclusive Growth Happen

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All on Board: Making Inclusive Growth Happen puts forth a new approach to economic growth that goes beyond traditional monetary indicators and includes dimensions that reflect people's well-being. It introduces an analytical framework to assess economic growth based on a measurement of multidimensional living standards. The report also presents win-win policies that can deliver stronger growth and greater inclusiveness in areas such as: macroeconomic policies, labour market policies, education and skills, infrastructure and public services and development and urban policies. It underscores the need to assess and weigh trade-offs and complementarities between and among policies, and the crucial role of good governance in implementing an Inclusive Growth agenda.

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Implementing inclusive growth: The role of governance and institutions

What are the political-institutional obstacles to implementing Inclusive Growth policies? How can reform of governance structures and practices help to ensure that administrative barriers to inclusiveness are overcome? This chapter delves into the question of how governing and administrative bodies can be adapted to support the promotion of Inclusive Growth. In particular, the chapter considers how inclusiveness can be embedded in the policy process, examining a number of proposals: from efforts to improve voter participation, to tools for evidence-based policy making, and public consultations. The chapter also appraises strategies for building more inclusive institutions, considering the likely impact of technological change and reform on efforts to make inclusive institutions happen.


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