The Circular Economy in Umeå, Sweden

image of The Circular Economy in Umeå, Sweden

This report aims to support the city of Umeå in becoming the leader in the circular economy as stated in its strategic plan for 2016-2028. Umeå’s population doubled over the last 50 years, making it one of Europe’s fastest growing cities in a sparsely populated region (Northern Sweden). By 2050, the city is expected to reach a population of 200 000 inhabitants, with consequences on housing, use of natural resources and waste production. As such, the local government is developing a model integrating environmental, social and economic aspects within a circular economy approach. This is in line with the Swedish Government’s objective to strengthen society’s transition to a resource-efficient, circular and bio-based economy.


Policy recommendations and actions for a circular economy in Umeå, Sweden

In response to the challenges identified in Chapter 2, this chapter suggests some policy recommendations to implement a circular economy in the city of Umeå, Sweden. The policy recommendations are accompanied by a list of actions for concrete implementation, accordingly to international practices.


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