Regions and Innovation Policy

image of Regions and Innovation Policy

Regions and Innovation Policy addresses the needs of national and regional governments for greater clarity on how to strengthen the innovation capacity of regions. The first part of the book examines strategies, policies and governance, explaining why regions matter, what makes smart policy mixes, and multilevel governance.  The second part of the book looks at agencies, instruments and country information, showing how agencis can maximize their impact and what policy instruments work. The final chapter provides country-by-country summaries of what countries are doing.



Maximising the impact of regional innovation agencies

Regional innovation agencies are established across the OECD to deliver innovation policies at sub-national level. Various agency models are possible. This chapter illustrates the diversity of models in practice, highlights success conditions to achieve a new paradigm for innovation and regions, and discusses the key strategic challenges agencies face. Their primary challenge is to serve as change agents for the regional innovation system. They need to focus on absorptive capacities and learning processes, both for their policy targets and management of the agency itself.


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