Transport Infrastructure and Systems for a New Europe

Report of the Ninety-Fifth Round Table on Transport Economics Held in Paris on 18-19 March 1993

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

As the countries of Central and Eastern Europe undergo radical economic upheavals, the question of pan-European transport is brought very sharply into focus. The transport system cannot be viewed simply in terms of the volume of traffic moving from one particular place to another but must be seen as a whole both theoretically and pragmatically in terms of specific projects. What infrastructure is to be selected? Which method of organising transport "markets" is to be preferred? How can needs logically dictated by urgency -- catering to expanding traffic flows despite inadequate transport networks -- be reconciled with such longer-term imperatives as environmental protection or integrating Central and Eastern Europe into a vast area of cultural and economic relations? Specialists attending Round Table 95 addressed all of these issues and tried to discern realistic boundaries for what can be accomplished today.

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