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ITF Transport Outlook 2023

The ITF Transport Outlook 2023 examines the impacts of different policy measures on global transport demand and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to 2050. The analysis covers the movement of passengers and freight across all transport modes. A particular focus is placed on transport policies that make cities more liveable. A second focus is on infrastructure investment decisions and what different policy scenarios mean for them. As a third focus, the report explores regional differences in policy impacts.

The analysis is based on two distinct scenarios for the future of transport, simulated with the ITF’s in-house transport models. The Current Ambition scenario assumes policies to decarbonise transport continue along their current pathway and considers the implications for transport demand, CO2 emissions and further aspects over the next three decades. The High Ambition scenario assumes policies focused on accelerating the decarbonisation of the transport sector and their impact.

24 May 2023 216 pages English 9789282141090 (HTML) 9789282167267 (PDF) 9789282155233 (EPUB)

Author(s): International Transport Forum