Consumption Tax Trends 2020

VAT/GST and Excise Rates, Trends and Policy Issues

image of Consumption Tax Trends 2020

Consumption Tax Trends provides information on Value Added Taxes/Goods and Services Taxes (VAT/GST) and excise duty rates in OECD member countries. It also contains information about international aspects of VAT/GST developments and the efficiency of this tax. It describes a range of other consumption taxation provisions on tobacco, alcoholic beverages, motor vehicles and aviation fuels.

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Value-added taxes - Main features and implementation issues

Although most VAT systems are built on the same core VAT principles (see Chapter 1), there is considerable diversity in the design of VAT systems in OECD countries. This is notably illustrated by the variety of reduced rates, exemptions and other preferential treatments and special regimes that are widely used in OECD countries, for practical or historical reasons, to support certain economic sector or to achieve equity or social objectives.

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