OECD Reviews of Pension Systems

People today are living longer than ever before, while birth rates are low in many OECD countries. Social protection for older individuals will therefore play a growing role and pensions are a central component of well-being at older ages. Each country review in this series delivers an in-depth analysis of the pension system. The assessment focuses on the pension system’s capacity to deliver adequate retirement income in a financially sustainable way and highlights OECD best practices for the design of pensions. In particular, these reports take into account the impact of demographic, social and economic changes on pension benefits. The reviews cover all components of pension systems: public, occupational and personal plans, as well as, when relevant, schemes for public-sector employees. The analyses are based on both OECD flagship pension publications: Pensions at a Glance and Pensions Outlook as well as country-specific sources and research. Finally, the reviews lead to policy recommendations about improving the pension system to better address country-specific challenges.


Discontinued Series
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