Going Digital in Latvia

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Going Digital in Latvia analyses recent developments in Latvia’s digital economy, reviews policies related to digitalisation and make recommendations to increase policy coherence in this area, based on the OECD Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework.

The review uses strategic foresight to explore three alternative future scenarios, which could result from the digital transformation of the global economy and society. It also examines the availability and quality of communication networks and services in Latvia as well as related policies and regulations. Further, it reviews trends in digital technology usage among individuals, businesses and the government, and examines policies to foster diffusion. Finally, the review analyses opportunities and challenges raised by digitalisation in key areas, from innovation and skills to digital security and data governance, and evaluates policy responses to these changes in Latvia.

English Also available in: Latvian

Enhancing trust in the digital economy

This section provides an overarching description and analysis of digital security policy in Latvia. The first Cyber Security Strategy of Latvia, covering the period 2014-18, took stock of the digital transformation, and marked a shift towards a more strategic and whole-of-government approach to digital security. The second Cyber Security Strategy of Latvia, covering 2019-22, continues this trajectory, with a greater emphasis on risk management, resilience, public awareness, and the need to balance digital security with openness, prosperity and human rights.

English Also available in: Latvian

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