Broadband Growth and Policies in OECD Countries

image of Broadband Growth and Policies in OECD Countries

Broadband connects consumers, businesses and governments and are now therefore a vital instrument in ensuring the competitiveness of OECD countries. This report examines broadband developments and policies, and highlights challenges such as connecting users to fibre-based networks or coverage of rural areas. It also outlines emerging issues that may need policy attention as we move to next-generation networks. The findings are also relevant to emerging and developing economies designing broadband strategies.


Broadband infrastructure

The growing economic and social importance of broadband has resulted in most member countries, as well as the OECD, monitoring markets on a regular basis. In particular, regulators have monitored broadband subscriber data in order to assess market penetration rates. The OECD has collected comparative data on broadband penetration on a quarterly basis since 2001. Broadband penetration is a significant indicator that allows countries to gauge their relative performance.


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