Regulating the Long-Term Safety of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Practical Issues and Challenges - Workshop Proceedings - Paris, France 28-30 November 2006

image of Regulating the Long-Term Safety of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Regulating the long-term safety of geological disposal of radioactive waste is a key part of making progress on the radioactive waste management issue. A survey of member countries has shown that differences exist both in the protection criteria being applied and in the methods for demonstrating compliance, reflecting historical and cultural differences between countries which in turn result in a diversity of decision-making approaches and frameworks. This conference proceedings presents discussions focused on diversity in regulatory processes; the basis and tools for assuring long-term protection; ethical responsibilities of one generation to later generations and how these can be discharged; and adapting regulatory processes to the long time frames involved in implementing geological disposal. These proceedings include a summary of the viewpoints expressed as well as the 22 papers presented at the workshop.



Contributed Papers

Nuclear Energy Agency

The first major action of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee Regulators’ Forum (RWMC-RF) was to compile information about waste management regulation in 15 NEA member countries, with emphasis on waste disposal. This includes factual information about national policies for radioactive waste management, institutional frameworks, legislative and regulatory frameworks, available guidance, classification and sources of waste, the status of waste management, current issues and related R&D programmes. The resulting report The regulatory control of radioactive waste management – Overview of 15 member countries provides an important source of reference for all stakeholders intent on learning about the regulatory functions and practices in these NEA member countries.


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