Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

image of Tourism Policy Review of Mexico

The Mexico Tourism Policy Review provides an assessment of tourism-related policies, programmes and plans to support sustainable tourism development in Mexico. Policy recommendations focus on priority areas to help strengthen Mexico's tourism sector and take advantage of opportunities with strong potential for economic growth, investment and development, notably in the following areas: policy-making environment and governance arrangements; transport, mobility and connectivity for visitor travel; inclusive tourism growth, destination development and product and regional diversification; and investment and SME financing.

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Financing tourism development in Mexico

Access to finance is one of the key underlying conditions required if tourism in Mexico is to deliver on its economic potential and provide skilled jobs, increase productivity and contribute to inclusive growth. Opportunities exist to better target financing to viable tourism projects of all scales and mobilise private sector funds to support more diversified model of tourism development. This chapter provides a systematic analysis of tourism-related investment and financing policies, and outlines the current framework conditions and main public actors influencing financing in the sector. It examines the effectiveness of existing mechanisms in mobilising private investment for large scale infrastructure projects, and in improving access to financing for small and microenterprises in particular.


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