SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs

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SIGMA Public Procurement Briefs provide input for training systems that are in compliance with EU public procurement legislation and practices and with related national legislations. They contribute to the improvement of professional skills of procurement officers and managers – both in the public sector (contracting authorities) and the private sector (economic operators). Some of the briefs are available in other languages, namely Armenian, Azeri, Romanian and Russian


Procurement Tools

SIGMA Brief 11 focuses on three specific modern types of procurement tools: framework agreements, electronic auctions and dynamic purchasing systems. EU Member States have the option of deciding whether or not to implement provisions permitting these procurement tools. The framework agreement instrument is widely used and considered as an efficient procurement technique throughout Europe. An electronic auction is a method of inviting revised final tenders following the conduct of a full tender process. It involves an online electronic system that is used by economic operators to submit new prices and/or other revisions to elements of their tenders for a particular contract in real time and in direct competition with other economic operators. A dynamic purchasing system is a completely electronic system which can be used for repeat standardised purchases.


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