OECD Public Governance Reviews: Honduras

Inclusive and Effective Governance for Better Outcomes

image of OECD Public Governance Reviews: Honduras

The OECD Public Governance Review of Honduras offers recommendations to strengthen the effectiveness, coherence and openness of the country’s public sector, and in particular its centre of government. It first provides an overview of Honduras’s public sector and assesses its performance across interrelated dimensions. It then examines important public governance areas such as the role of the centre of government in policy co-ordination, results-based management in government, efforts to build a sound monitoring and evaluation system, and the design and implementation of open government in Honduras. The recommendations of this report seek to support Honduras in the adoption of an inclusive and outcome-oriented approach to public governance capable of delivering better results for its citizens.

English Also available in: Spanish

Executive Summary

This report assesses the capacity of Honduras’ public sector, and in particular the centre of government (CoG), to define and steer strategic priorities across government in order to achieve more inclusive and sustainable development. It looks in particular at four areas of public governance: policy co-ordination at the CoG, results-based management, policy monitoring and evaluation, and open government. This review is based on an assessment carried out at the end-2021. While the structure of the CoG institutions has changed with the 2022-2026 administration, the review’s recommendations on public governance functions, mechanisms and practices can nonetheless help strengthen efficient and inclusive public governance in the new institutional setting.

English Also available in: Spanish, French

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