OECD Integrity Review of Thailand 2021

Achieving Effective Integrity Policies and Sustained Reform

image of OECD Integrity Review of Thailand 2021

The OECD Integrity Review of Thailand 2021 assesses three key elements of Thailand’s integrity system: disciplinary mechanisms and sanctions, risk management, and integrity in policy and decision making in the public sector. The Review presents concrete reform actions on how to make the disciplinary regime more coherent and effective, and provides recommendations for strengthening corruption risk management practices. Finally, the Review assesses the government decision-making process and provides options for increasing its transparency and integrity for more accountable and equitable policies.



With the achievement of the OECD Integrity Review of Thailand 2021 – Phase 2, Thailand has become the first country in Asia-Pacific completing a full review of the key pillars of the country’s public integrity system. This demonstrates the Government of Thailand’s continued commitment to investing in public integrity and sharing practices and expertise with OECD countries. The Review was conducted by the Directorate for Public Governance through a series of consultations with the Thai stakeholders, and is part of the Thailand-OECD Country Programme and the Directorate’s broader work programme on public sector integrity. Tackling corruption in the public sector and building transparent and accountable public institutions fosters investment, encourages competition, and improves government efficiency. The policy recommendations in this Integrity Review not only seek to bolster Thailand’s integrity system, but also to promote public trust and ensure that the country can continue down a path of sustained economic growth.


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