Gender Equality in Colombia

Access to Justice and Politics at the Local Level

image of Gender Equality in Colombia

This report assesses women’s access to justice and women’s political participation in parliament, local councils and civil society organisations in Colombia. It examines existing legal, political and institutional frameworks in order to better understand successes, challenges and implementation gaps in the government’s pursuit of access to justice and gender equality. The report also offers examples of different approaches in OECD member and partner countries to support Colombia in closing gender gaps. Based on this analysis, the report proposes actionable solutions to help Colombia design and deliver policies that effectively promote women’s political participation and access to justice, including for survivors of gender based violence.


Access to justice for women victims of violence in Colombia

The joint OECD-SIDA project includes a specific component on access to justice as a human right. Its objective is to build on and support the ongoing efforts of the Colombian government with regards to women’s needs. This chapter highlights recent achievements in Colombia’s justice sector regarding access to justice, with a special focus on women victims of violence. It also addresses challenges regarding women’s access to formal and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, considering the justice needs in Colombia and the institutional response in cases of violence against women. It provides solutions to enhance access to justice for all women, particularly in rural areas affected by internal conflict and including women victims of violence. In light of recommendations of the Accession report, recommendations are designed to assist with implementing Colombia’s commitments under the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically SDG 16.3 on equal access to justice for all.


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