Fast Forward to Gender Equality

Mainstreaming, Implementation and Leadership

image of Fast Forward to Gender Equality

This report maps strategies, governance tools, institutional settings and innovative approaches used by governments across the OECD to drive and support society-wide gender equality goals. It covers all state institutions, including legislatures and judiciaries, and discusses the challenges faced by OECD countries in achieving long-lasting impact. Finally, the report provides policy guidance for state institutions, supported by examples of what works across the OECD. This report establishes a baseline for monitoring progress, based on the 2015 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Gender Equality in Public Life.

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Gender-sensitive practices in the judiciary

This chapter provides an overview of the status of gender-sensitive practices in the judiciary in OECD countries. It begins by describing the current composition of the judiciary workforce. It then provides an analysis of the key barriers faced by countries working to achieve equality in this sector. In response to these barriers, the chapter offers an overview of recent policy initiatives implemented in various OECD countries working to improve their gender-sensitive practices in this field. An important part of results-based gender mainstreaming focuses on creating strategic plans and installing institutional frameworks with clear targets and indicators. With this in mind, the chapter gives an overview of different avenues for implementing gender equality goals in the judiciary, and measuring their attainment through continuous monitoring and delivering evidence-based results. It also provides practical information on how countries can address the allocation of adequate human and financial resources in pursuit of gender equality goals in the judiciary.


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