Eliminating Gender-based Violence

Governance and Survivor/Victim-centred Approaches

image of Eliminating Gender-based Violence

Gender-based violence affects many aspects of survivors' and victims' lives, including access to education, employment, housing, health care, legal support, and physical and mental health services. While many governments have enacted policies and programmes to eradicate gender-based violence and address its intersectional impacts, strategic planning, policy co-ordination, and long-term investment in services has often been uneven. This publication explores how countries can strengthen public governance systems, respond to the needs and experiences of survivors/victims, and improve access to justice and accountability to effectively address gender-based violence.


An overview of government-wide strategy for gender-based violence (GBV)

This chapter presents an overview of the report, which provides a government-wide strategy for gender-based violence (GBV) policy reform, inter-agency co-operation and communication, and mechanisms to ensure accountability and sustainability. This chapter outlines the rationale and details the methodology adopted in preparing the report. It also highlights the multifaceted and global nature of GBV against women and girls.


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