Digital Government Review of Luxembourg

Towards More Digital, Innovative and Inclusive Public Services

image of Digital Government Review of Luxembourg

Digital government has become a priority for Luxembourg as a means to enable its public sector to deliver more responsive and trusted services. The Digital Government Review of Luxembourg evaluates the efforts made by the government to transition towards a digital government approach. It provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations to improve institutional governance, digital investments, digital talent and skills, government service delivery and the strategic use of data. Its findings can help Luxembourg achieve a more digitally mature and data-driven administration to better serve citizens and businesses.



The rapid digital transformation of the society and economy has an impact on citizens’ expectations of governments’ ability to deliver high-quality services in line with new and existing needs. The purpose of OECD Digital Government Reviews is to assist governments in their digital transformation process, through the provision of guidance for managing opportunities, challenges and risks associated with the use of digital tools and data, as relevant to the specific national context.


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